Fleet Manager 2 is out


Fleet Manager 2 is out

So… we’ve been pretty busy here at Rebus FM, building the 2nd incarnation of our Fleet Manager product (which is actually the 5th or the 7th rewrite of the frontend, depending on how you count it… but who cares?!).

We celebrated Labour Day by working even harder, which means that it’s available now! We just call it Version 2, but if you have been using the old Fleet Manager, you can probably see that it looks a little different:

It has seen numerous improvements – too many to mention, really – so I suggest you go check out some screenshots on the updated Fleet Manager page, or just go to https://manager.rebus.fm if you’re already a customer.

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BjornPosted on8:08 pm - Jun 2, 2018

Hi there, fleet manager looks very nice but how does it fit inside of rebus. Is it a central endpoint that handles all off our logic. So we need to rewrite our handlers inside of fleet manager our can we keep using our existing implementation and somehow connect it to fleet manager?

    MogensPosted on10:20 am - Jun 4, 2018

    Fleet Manager is a central server, which your ordinary Rebus endpoints can be configured to hook up with, using an additional piece of configuration similar to this: .Options(o => o.EnableFleetManager(..)).

    Therefore, you do NOT need to rewrite anything – you just need to add this extra configuration 🙂

BjornPosted on1:40 pm - Jun 4, 2018


Are you going to sell eventually Fleet Manager as a separate license our will it always be monthly?

I looks really nice

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