Monthly Archive 2018-10-08


Rebus 5 is out

Lots of small changes, only a few of them breaking(*), nothing earth-shattering πŸ™‚

The biggest change is probably that the test helpers (FakeBus, SagaFixture, etc.) were moved to a separate repository and its own NuGet package: Rebus.TestHelpers.

Another slightly bigger change is that Rebus now targets .NET 4.5, .NET 4.6, and .NET Standard 2.0. If anyone is missing the .NET Standard 1.3. support, please βœ‰οΈβž‘οΈ[email protected] and let us know why πŸ‘»

Some of the smaller changes include a few performance improvements πŸ’¨, an extension point to customize how topic names are created out of .NET types, the ability to “fail fast” (i.e. skip retries) in various situations πŸ’₯, and a way to delay message processing when starting up the bus.

As usual, WIRE-COMPATIBILITY is 100% with all versions of Rebus from 2 and up, so you don’t need to go all-in to start upgrading your endpoints! πŸ˜‡

See the full 5.0.0 changelog entry for more details on what was changed.

(*) In theory, all changes can be breaking… in this case, the version was bumped to 5 primarily because the IRoutingApi interface was extended with the Defer method signature, and because all of the testing helpers were moved.


Support for Microsoft Extensions Logging

If you’re running your Rebus stuff on .NET Core, and you’re using “Microsoft Extensions Logging” (that’s just not a bite-sized title for a logging library), you’re in luck: Rebus now has Rebus.Microsoft.Extensions.Logging, so you can

var loggerFactory = new LoggerFactory()

	.Logging(l => l.MicrosoftExtensionsLogging(loggerFactory))
	.Transport(t => t.Use(...))

and have Rebus log its stuff there, too.

The package is currently in alpha, but since there’s not much to it, we expect it to be pretty stable.

Happy logging! 🀠