In addition to the Rebus Pro subscription, Rebus FM can help with the following things:


We have experience with building green field distributed architectures as well as transitioning existing monolithic solutions to be event based, and thus provide the basis for continued development in a distributed fashion.

If you need help with either sketching your future systems architecture, planning your transition towards an event-based model, designing the innards of a messaging-based system, etc., we can help 🙂

We have experience with building both on-premisecloud-hosted, as well as hybrid cloud solutions based on Rebus, primarily based on the Windows and Microsoft Azure platforms.


If you are interested in getting an introduction to messaging using Rebus, if you have a team of developers who could benefit from one-upping their messaging skills, or if you are interested in a deep-dive into Rebus’ extreme extensibility, you might want to attend a course.

Courses can be theoretical and not specifically related to Rebus, or they can be practical and focused on learning how to solve specific problems using Rebus.

Please use the contact information in the sidebar to get in touch if you need any of the above 🙂