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Rebus.fm provides next-level services for serious Rebus users. Click around this site for more information.


This solid piece of Danish Design can be had for €0 (or $0 if you are not familiar with European currency) because it is MIT-licensed open-source. In other words: It's FREE!

Easy to Learn

Intuitive APIs and the best and most helpful error messages in the world allow you to focus on solving your business problems. If you get an error message, it will always suggest a way forward.


Encourages developers to build sturdy applications that will never lose data and are capable of meeting future scaling demands. Durable messaging is a great model for these things.

Fleet Manager

With its ability to do message and process state auditing, it becomes super-easy to get clever insights and stunning visualizations. Easily figure out what causes what to happen.

Good Health

Leave your systems running and rest assured that they keep running with the Fleet Manager's advanced alerting capabilities. Get an email if something requires your attention.


If your Rebus installation is mission-critical, we can provide a support option which will give you extra confidence. You can stop worrying and keep focus on your business.

What to do?

If you want to get started with some serious messaging in .NET, go get Rebus :) If you have those next-level requirements we mentioned earlier, get in touch!

Latest news

Keep yourself in the know with news on what is happening to Rebus and Rebus Fleet Management

ByMogens Mar 22, 2017

Rebus and .NET Core

.NET Core is Microsoft's new incarnation of .NET, where many things have been changed to be able to accommodate future needs for (primarily serve

ByMogens Jan 18, 2017

Check out Debaser

In case you are using Microsoft SQL Server, you may have tried writing a MERGE (...) statement.... did you think it was fun? :) I think MERGE

ByMogens Jan 5, 2017

Rebus 3 is out

Happy New Year! This is just to let you know that Rebus 3 is out :) The version was bumped to 3 because IAdvancedApi and IDataBus have been

ByMogens Oct 24, 2016

Rebus.fm has a new address…

...even though we didn't move! The Horsens Municipality just threw at us today that our address has been changed from Søndergade 15F, 2.