Rebus Fleet Management a.k.a. Rebus.fm offers commercial add-ons to the free and open-source Rebus framework.


Rebus.fm is primarily brought to you by:

Mogens Heller GrabeLinkedIn256Twitter256

Agile software maker with an unhealthy interest in distributed systems and modern databases. Swinging the code hammer at Rebus.fm and d60 during daytime, brewing open source at night.

d60-mogens-lidt-størreSeveral years of experience building distributed systems in .NET for demanding clients, small as well as large.

Member of the core committee of the local Aarhus .NET User Group, helping with arranging meet-ups that target more than 1000 user group members.

Can be seen speaking at user groups and conferences about messaging, databases, event sourcing, and CQRS.

More details and CV on LinkedIn.


Rebus.fm could not be without:


Logo_d60_0As a software consultancy populated by world-class Rebus consultants, d60 can step in if required, e.g. if the size of the task would require a larger effort that what Rebus.fm can offer.

d60 has many years of experience building customized platforms for companies in the trading, finance, energy, and shipping areas, taking care of integrating with whichever environment those platforms need to work in.

d60 also has strong BI competencies, so when the time comes to add up the numbers (that time always comes), d60 can help with that too.