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Meet Afonso

Hi everyone, meet Afonso!

Having finished a secondary school professional programme within Computing, he came to Denmark two years ago from his home island of Madeira in Portugal, to pursue an AP degree in IT Technology at Dania Academy in Viborg. 🎓

Afonso has now moved to Horsens to do his final internship here at Rebus FM, where he will spend most of his time performing a security review of Fleet Manager. 🚌

In addition to this, it’s already quite clear that he will inspire Alley 87‘s residents to extend #skalerbar‘s assortment of beverages into the territory of fortified wines, which we’re looking forward to. 🍷


Fleet Manager 2 is out

So… we’ve been pretty busy here at Rebus FM, building the 2nd incarnation of our Fleet Manager product (which is actually the 5th or the 7th rewrite of the frontend, depending on how you count it… but who cares?!).

We celebrated Labour Day by working even harder, which means that it’s available now! We just call it Version 2, but if you have been using the old Fleet Manager, you can probably see that it looks a little different:

It has seen numerous improvements – too many to mention, really – so I suggest you go check out some screenshots on the updated Fleet Manager page, or just go to if you’re already a customer.


Fleet Manager screenshots

To whet your appetite as a Rebus user, who is eager to one-up your game, I have posted a bunch of screenshots here on the Fleet Manager page.

While Fleet Manager is still in development and is nowhere near finished yet, it can still be quite useful to provide an overview over what is running and what is not.

If you are interested in getting access, please go consider the Rebus Pro offering – it includes a 24h support agreement in addition to instant cloud-hosted Fleet Manager access.


Rebus Pro

It took a couple of iterations to figure this out, but finally it has become clear which shape the commercial Rebus offering is going to take.

Say hello to REBUS PRO! 🙂

Rebus Pro is

  • Fleet Manager (either cloud-hosted SaaS or on-prem BYOH*)
  • 24h support agreement
  • Access to private Slack channel

accessible by subscription (monthly, with savings for 3 or 6 months commitment).

Please shoot an email to [email protected] if you are interested in hearing more 🙂

(*) Bring Your Own Hardware 😉


Fleet Manager status

Work is ongoing with building Fleet Manager, but it is not going as fast as we would like.

However, that does not mean that there is no progress – we are working slowly, but steadily, in order to provide a truly useful tool with a sturdy backend and an acceptable frontend 🙂

If you are interested in trying it out, please go to the Fleet Manager pre-alpha sign-up page and register yourself – then we will get in touch as soon as we think we have something that is worth trying out.