Yearly Archive 2023-10-02


Rebus FM is now an ISV partner on NordPool

Michael‘s hard word has paid off, and we passed NordPool’s conformance test (in all categories!) in the first attempt! 😎

This adds Rebus FM to the list of ISV partners, meaning that we can now offer a plug’n’play integration between NordPool and Copper Power Platform.

Having tight integration with Europe’s biggest power exchanges makes Copper Power Platform an even more compelling solution. Get in touch with me via [email protected] if this sounds interesting to you. πŸ™‚


Rebus FM is now a certified ISV on EPEX

Copper M7 has now completed the “M7 conformance test” (which went pretty smooth, by the way – thanks for asking! πŸ˜‰)!

This adds Rebus FM to the list of certified software providers, approved to deliver tight, realtime integration with EPEX M7 – just as tight as EPEX’ own ComTrader app.

But more importantly, it means that Copper Power Platform customers trading on EPEX can get all of the possibilities that this entails, e.g. robust trade integration, realtime latest trade prices, whatever algos customers can come up with, etc.


Copper M7

I am happy to announce that Rebus FM is now in the process of becoming a “Certified ISV” on EPEX!

This will add Rebus FM to the list of approved software providers, which is a fine accolade to get, but the most interesting thing is that it will mean that ⚑Copper Power Platform⚑ will get tighter integration with the exchange, giving access to much more information as well as faster updates!

Also, as a byproduct of this process, I built the .NET library I wished I had had, when integrating with the M7 API, which would handle all the hard stuff around connecting to the exchange’s RabbitMQ, complying with request limits, implementing the communication protocol, gracefully handling failover, etc.

To help other shops I chose to packetize it! So I am now happy to announce

⚑Copper M7⚑

which is a packetized version of the M7 API integration. Check it out here on the M7 product page.

In other words: If you’re a .NET shop and you want direct read/write access to EPEX’ M7 API, you can take a pretty serious shortcut by leveraging Copper M7!

Get in touch if this sounds interesting to you. πŸ™‚